FHSTCA Certification

FHSTCA Tennis Team Coaching Certification

As you will see, we have taken a different approach than we originally talked about. The first step in the FHSTCA Tennis Team Coaching Certification is attending the October 2, 3, and 4th coaches workshop and then passing the exam which questions and answers which will be presented by the speakers during the three days of training.

Upon passing the level 1 test, becoming a level 2, (Senior FHSTCA Tennis Team coach or level 3 (Master FHSTCA Tennis Team Coach) will come from accumulating points from the below agenda.

Coaches will be able take their own pathway to reaching the level 2 or level 3 FHSTCA Certified Tennis Team Coach. To become a Senior FHSTCA Certified Tennis Team Coach, level 2, the coach would have to accumulate 85 points. To become a Master FHSTCA Certified Tennis Team Coach, he or she would need to accumulate 100 points.

Being that coaches will be spending funds on the below courses, membership to other tennis organization and their chosen training, The FHSTCA is only planning to charge $35.00 for the Level 1 certification. At this time no further charges will be assessed for becoming a Senior or Master Coach.

You can Pay the $35 fee to become a certified Florida high school tennis team coach through Paypal.
During the Paypal checkout, please enter your Name, phone number, and email address in the “notes to seller” text box.

Level 2 & 3 Certification Requirements

10         Coaching Principles online course
10         Sport First Aid online course
10         Coaching Tennis Technical and Tactical Skills online course

10         Coaching Youth Tennis online course

Additional (non-course) resources for tennis coaches include:
5         Tennisology
5         “Coaching Tennis” by Coach Chuck Kriese
5         The Tennis Drill Book
5         Championship Tennis
5         Tennis: Steps to Success
5         Tennis Skills and Drills
4         “Serious Tennis & Skills and Drills” by Scott Williams (Human Kinetic Publisher)
4         “The Confidence Factor” by Linda LeClaire
3         “The Great Base Initiative” Steven Smith
3         “Smart Tennis” by John Murray from John Whely & Sons
1         “Safe Tennis” by Jim Martz

Additional points may be earned by experience, other organizations and sources.

4         For five years of coaching high school tennis and 4 points for each five years
of teaching, up till twenty-five years of high school tennis coaching.
4         for coaching College Tennis for two years and 4 points for each additional 3 years of college coaching.
5         PTR or USPTA Professional certification

3         PTR or USPTA attendance of each symposium or national workshop
1         USPTA Regional Education Day
1         PTR 11 to 17 training
5         USTA/PTR or USPTA High Performance Coaching Certificate
3         Publishing tennis article, book or tip
3         Florida DOE coaching endorsement
3         Level 2 Sports Psychology & Motor Learning
3         NIAA guide to Interscholastic Sports
3         SEP Bronze Level Certified Coach
2         for each USTA National or State convention
2         each USTA National Teachers Workshop
2         USTA National Clinician
2         USTA Local Excellence Training Program, (LET)
2         USTA Tennis Development Coaches workshop
2         USTA Quick Start Tennis, (Now 10 & Under Tennis)
1         USTA National Conference on Sport Medicine in Tennis
1         USTA Level 1 Sports Competency
1         Sports First Aid Course
1         Mental Strength Certified Coach
1         If District or Regional tournament director
1         Sport Awards, example: Positive Coaching Alliance, Double Goal Coaching Award or others
1         Tournament Director
1         Team Tennis Coach (FHSTCA)
2         USTA Team Florida Coach (each year)
2         USTA Team Florida Sectional Coach
1         American Team Games Coaching Education Symposium.

We would be looking for your assistance in providing us with relevant new courses and books to add to our point system. There are many ways to reach the top of the mountain and we believe this is a good way for the coaches to choose which way they are going to make the journey to the top.