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FHSTCA Official Racquets and Balls

At the heart of sports history for almost a century, no other company has been as influential and intimately involved in shaping the games of tennis, golf, baseball and American football as Wilson. As the originator of breakthrough technologies, Wilson has produced legendary classics and earned world-wide legitimacy in each sport it participates in. Backed by generations of athletes, Wilson is the true American icon in the world of sports equipment.

FHSTCA Tennis Retailer

Team Connection has become the largest supplier to teams nationwide. It’s because we love athletics, love working with coaches and players, and are committed to providing the best service in the industry. For over 20 years authenticity has been the hallmark of our company – we’re fans, athletes, and coaches ourselves and thank you for letting us be an extension of your team.

Skill Development

Recent studies show that focusing incorrectly at contact is the #1 cause of miss-hits, loss of balance, power and accuracy. It’s the last 1/10th of a second before you hit that counts — too fast for any human to teach. The Eye Coach is the only tool that can train your eye to focus properly in that critical split second.

Correct focus and balance at the point of contact is 80% of your tennis game.

It happens in the final three feet — too fast for any human to teach… …Until now.

Coach Education

Human Kinetics Coach Education is excited to partner with the Florida High School Tennis Coaches Association (FHSTCA) to offer professional development opportunities to tennis coaches in Florida.

There are three levels of certification in the FHSTCA Tennis Team Coaching Certification Program:

Level One “FHSTCA Tennis Team Coach”: Attend an in-person, three-day coaches workshop and pass the exam.

Level Two “Senior FHSTCA Tennis Team Coach”: Complete Level One and accumulate 85 points from the professional development opportunities (see web site).

Level Three “Master FHSTCA Tennis Team Coach”: Complete Level One and accumulate 100 points from the professional development opportunities (see web site).

Tennis Techniques Training

Techne Tennis has a simple mission — get people playing better tennis fast using simple techniques that have been employed by the world’s best players for a century, but for some reason have been ignored by much of the tennis teaching establishment, to the detriment of many aspiring tennis players who could be enjoying the game of a lifetime, and perhaps become a tennis champion!

Founded by John Eagleton, a South African native who has played and coached tennis at all levels, Techne Tennis will simply make you a better tennis player. After coaching tennis players for decades, from beginners to grand slam champions, John concluded that most teaching does more to confuse students and impede their progress rather than actually make them better. Utilizing simple movements based on biomechanics, basic physics and geometry, and more importantly, movements that mimic the way the top tennis pros play the game, Techne Tennis shows tennis students how to access their natural athletic abilities to play better tennis.

Mental Strength Training

How many times have you been so close to success you could actually taste the thrill? You know you are right on the brink of something great and can actually almost see the changes coming in your life, and five minutes later you are settled in the ashes of defeat thoroughly confused about how and why.

If you are like most of us it is at this moment, you want to scream in frustration because there must be some elusive secret and if you could just get your hands on this information; your life would change forever. Is it a problem with mental strength.

A few deep breaths later, you may wonder about your sanity or just shrug it off as a part of life. Would it help to know that there is indeed a secret to changing your life? The secret you are so desperate to unlock are dependent upon the grey matter between your ears, more specifically your thoughts and emotions.

ATP Tournament

The 2015 DELRAY BEACH OPEN by The Venetian®, featuring the world’s only 10-day event consisting of an ATP CHAMPIONS TOUR EVENT (Feb. 13-15) featuring TEAM USA (James Blake, Michael Chang & Justin Gimelstob) vs TEAM INT’L (Goran Ivanisevic, Mark Philippoussis & Greg Rusedski) and ATP WORLD TOUR EVENT (Feb. 16 – 22) featuring U.S. Open champions Marin Cilic, the Bryan Brothers and Juan Martin Del Potro, and top 20 world-ranked John Isner and Kevin Anderson, would like to invite all High School coaches and their teams to the 2015 event, while offering a special 20% discount on Stadium Court Reserved and Box Tickets to sessions 2 – 13.

To order tickets, call 561-330-6000 or go to (Click “Schedule/Buy Now”) and mention/enter promo code: SCHOOL. Discounted tickets are limited and must be purchased by January 31, 2015. With 50,000+ screaming fans rocking the house in an ATP “Award of Excellence.” and millions more watching on TV, we look forward to hosting you at “The Beach.”

VENUE: Delray Beach Stadium & Tennis Center 201 W. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, FL 33444

College Tennis Scholarship / Recruiting Services & Showcases

ImRecruitable was created to help student-athletes and their families successfully navigate the college sports recruiting process. Seeking a college scholarship can be a difficult, competitive and confusing process. Our team of former college athletes, coaches and scouts, together with our network of college coaches provide you with the guidance and tools you need to make your dreams a reality. Click Here to schedule your free consultation and speak to one of our trusted experts.

The Courtside Notebook

A helpful guide for players with helpful comments, and room for taking notes about Play. We would like to thank District 15 JTT & NJTL Junior Olympic Association for providing the rights to, “The Court Side Notebook” to the FHSTCA. We have reproduced the book, minus duplications of “Scouting Questions” and “Your Preparation” pages and commercial pages. Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee, and Saint Lucie Counties have previously used this 2000 book. Florida tennis coaches and high school players will now be able to copy the “Scouting Question” and “Your Preparation” pages during the tennis season.

Red, Yellow, and Green Balls

Many coaches use a technique called ‘shadowing’ and this does allow a player to move around to different locations on the court, during which the coach can call out the type of ball from the opponent (i.e. RED, or YELLOW or GREEN). This gives the player some audio feedback and they can then decipher the information and respond accordingly. This kind of practice will build the audio sensory/motor skills and establish what is called the ‘myelin’ pathways from the audio sensory input (impulses to the brain) to the motor outputs (impulses to the muscles). However, wouldn’t it be more realistic if we could provide both audio and visual information to the player?

The Fundamental Movements in Sport

Anticipation skills must be developed, but should not be confused with timing the split-step. Both can be used to maximize your abilities of getting to the best possible position when retrieving the next ball. Timing the split-step properly allows the player to be moving at maximum speed (or ready to start moving) at exactly the time they determine the direction of the incoming ball, independently of where they are on court. Other refinements or adjustments for ball speed, spin, depth, and contact point, can be made as the motion towards the ball proceeds, but determining the direction is top priority.

Practicing and Mastering the Serve

The Total Serve® is a unique new tennis tool developed primarily for mastering tennis serve and overhead techniques. There are many styles of hitting and teaching the serve but there are also a number of components that ALL serves must have. Without a doubt, all tennis players want POWER, SPIN, ACCURACY & CONTROL. The Total Serve® teaches players of all levels what the serve should FEEL like. Only after a tennis player learns what the tennis serve should feel like can they address the individual components, and make their tennis serve a fluid, powerful and effortless weapon.

Teach the Serve in 3 EASY STEPS