The Florida High School Tennis Coaches Alumni was founded to assist high school tennis coaches in providing young players with the tools needed to make them successful on and off the court.




What to expect from FHSTCA Coaches…

…They monitor student’s grades and see that they are achieving in the classroom.

…They provide a safe learning environment for their players in practice and during games.

…They use losing and winning as an opportunity to teach students how to handle these situations properly.

…They strive to develop and maintain positive relationships with their athlete’s families.

…They understand that high school sports are for the student athletes, not the parents or coach.

…They keep an open line of communication with other coaches, players, parents, and administrators.

…They have written practice plans that challenge their players, refine their skills and execute them at a proper pace and in a fun manner.

…They promote and demonstrate good sportsmanship by showing respect to opponents and officials at every game.

…They hold athletes accountable for their actions and teach them how to take responsibilities for their own actions.

…Placing the athlete first, they strive to build champions on and off the field.

…They are positive role models on and off the field.